Angela Crowley


A well respected leader in the healthcare industry, Angela Crowley is known throughout the world for her work as an educator in leading edge somatic approaches.

Angela has been honored to be a keynote speaker for the Complementary Alternative Medical Conference at the convention center in Los Angeles, a primary presenter for Polestar Education International Conferences, Pilates On Tour, The Feldenkrais® Guild Conference and more recently the Future Life Now Online Feldenkrais® Symposium.

She has frequently been referenced by industry publications such as Pilates Style Magazine, Alternative Medicine Magazine, PMA Newsletter, The GYROTONIC® BLOG, The Polestar Blog and recently in the online publication Bare Essentials of Australia.

Angela has been a Guild Certified Feldenkrais PractitionerCM GCFPCM since 1996. She is trained in classical and progressive Pilates approaches, and is one of a few instructors worldwide who is authorized to conduct all levels of GYROTONIC® instructor training including final licensing certifications.

Her fascination with neuroplasticity is a reflection of her years of successfully applying the wisdom of the Feldenkrais Method® to amplify results in a variety of environments including bodywork, Pilates and The GYROTONIC® System. She named this approach as “Principles Of Intelligent Movement” in which she extensively taught courses. Integrating principles of the Feldenkrais Method, she also created a course specifically for GYROTONIC® teachers called, “Pathways Of the Shoulder, Hip and Spine.”

The new science of neuroplasticity has awakened the world to new frontiers of understanding the brain, and inspired Angela to create a new course for a broad range of professions. She has presented this course “Neuroplasticity, An Exploration Through Movement” at The Pilates on Tour Rehab Summit and for Polestar Pilates.

Now she brings this course live online to you.

What They Say....


Her Knowledge is Impressive & Complete

Angela’s dynamic teaching and mentoring style is clear, concise, & refreshing. Angela draws on her extensive holistic background & creates a motivating learning experience for the mind, body, and soul. Her knowledge of the work she teaches is impressive & complete, and her ability to put the pieces together creates a unique learning experience that is unparalleled.

Kevin Bowen - Founding President Pilates Method Alliance

Unsurpassable Experience

Angela Crowley brings a level of experience unsurpassable. Her scientific foundation is only matched by her intuitive gift of movement facilitation.

Brent Anderson - PhD, PT, OCS Polestar Pilates

Experience like Doors Being Opened

My experience was like doors being opened and shades being lifted and light and air being cast into dark corners. I feel my seeing, my teaching, and my practice are far more clear and productive. Your presentation of the material is potent and illuminative !

Clyde Rae-Ashe - GYROTONIC® Boulder

Angela's Comprehensive Approach Is the Way to Go

Angela has a remarkable grasp of the intricacies of human anatomy and physiology. More importantly, she can apply that fund of knowledge in amazingly helpful and practical ways. Especially for anyone for whom standard medical approaches and medications have not produced positive results, Angela’s comprehensive approach is the way to go, I owe a great debt of gratitude to Angela and her expertise and talents.

Donald J. Leftowits - MD, FACEP Former Medical Director Rose Hosipital